Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alright..so yesterday I wrote a One Direction Fanfiction so hope someone reads this cause I think it's pretty good:

Chapter 1-
I sat on my bed with my computer staring at the blank screen. Messy sheets, and my comforter surrounded me. I got up and slowly moped to my bathroom, each one of my steps made a soft thud on the ground. I looked into the mirror. My make-up was all smeared and my eyes were puffy and bloodshot. What was I without Adam? Nothing. We had been dating for such a long time and then one day he wakes up and decides he needs something new? Well, I hope he dies from malaria or some other disease. He deserved it anyways, or at least that’s what I thought.
I heard my mom coming upstairs. Her slipped tapped the floor, and the wooden stairs creaked with each step. I quickly threw away the used tissues, wiped off my makeup, and made my bed. She knocked on the door, and walked in.
“Happy Birthday Emelyn! You’re seventeen!”mom exclaimed.
“Thanks, but what’s so good about seventeen?” I asked.
“Well you’re one step closer to dating that celebrity you like. What’s his name again, Henry Steeles?” she questioned.
“HARRY STYLES!” I corrected, she always got it wrong.
“Yes that boy. I was thinking maybe later we could go shopping downtown, and you could bring your friends if you would like to.” She said.
“Yeah sure. I’ll be down for breakfast in a little bit, I just need to get ready. Okay?”
“ Sounds good We’re having chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon.” She said.
“Alrighty tighty!” I said.
She closed the door and on the back was a poster of Harry Styles. His green eyes popped, his hair was extra curly, and his smile was so adorable. Who couldn’t love him?
I brushed my hair, and my teeth, put my makeup on, and got dressed. I went downstairs and walked into the kitchen. On the table was a plate of pancakes shaped into the numbers 17. I looked around but there was no one around. Then I heard a CD going, and of course it was One Direction. My sister Nicolette was obsessed, just like me. She popped out of the dining room, and we started dancing.
“I want to stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun!” Nicolette and I sang in harmony. She was so good. Her voice was airy and beautiful. When she belted it took my breath away. She was also so pretty. She had Long golden hair, and cuddly brown eyes. She was tall-ish and could be a model if she wanted to.
“ Emmy, I have a surprise for you!” she squeaked.
“Yeah? What is it?” I asked.
“ Well you have to find it!” she said.
“WHAT?!?! You’re crazy!”I said.
She handed me a piece of paper. It had alist of places and instructions. It was so long it would have taken me all day.
“Nickel, this is going to take me a lifetime!” I said.
“ Fine. I hid it in your pillow.” She told me.
“Oh my gosh, how did I not find it?” I asked.
“Well I am your sister, you’re a really heavy sleeper.” She informed.
I ran upstairs and checked in all of my pillows. I finally found an envelope. Nicolette walked in the room.
“Open it!” she yelled.
“Okay!” I yelled back.
I tore open the envelope and there was a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it and at the top of the paper was a picture of One Direction. I read the whole thing, and it said she had bought two tickets and backstage tickets to their concert “Up all night”. I screamed, and tackled her.
“OH MY GOSH NICKEL THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.
“You’re welcome, happy seventeenth!” She told me.

Chapter 2-
It was the day of the concert. Nickel and I had really cute outfits one and we were wearing these- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50721049 . We had front row seats. The boys were so good. After the concert we went backstage and met them.  I was going to talk to Harry when I felt something jerk me forward. I fell down right in front of him. I looked up and he was staring down at me. His eyes looked so green and beautiful.
“ Are you okay?” he asked. His accent was so attractive.
“ Yeah I’m fine, I think my ankle is sprained though.” I said.
“ Can you walk?” he asked me .
“I think so..” I tried to get up but I fell again.
He grabbed my arms and found me a seat. He yelled at someone to get some ice from the fridge.
“So, what’s your name sweetheart?” he asked me.
“ It’s Emelyn, but my sister calls me Emmy.” I told him.
“ That’s a really pretty name. My name is Harry.” He said
“Yeah, I know.” I giggled.
We didn’t say anything for a while and Nickel was talking to Niall, and laughing a whole bunch. She was so funny, and brave. I wish I had her confidence.
“ Where are you from?” Harry asked. It startled me a bit.
“ Oh, I’m from this town in Wisconsin called Lake Geneva, have you heard of it? Actually that’s a really silly question, of course you haven’t heard of it. It’s a resort town. You should visit some time it’s really pretty and nice.” I rambled.
“ Yeah I’d love to!” he told me.
“ Here’s my number, call me if you ever come up.” I grabbed a pen and ripped a piece of paper from the seventeen magazine from the table next to me. I handed him the piece of paper.
“ Thanks I’ll put this somewhere safe,” he informed,” now who is that girl talking to Niall?” he asked.
“ Oh, that’s my sister Nickel. I mean Nicolette, I call her Nickel for short.” I told him
“ Oh she seems really nice.” He said
I knew what this meant, I had known it for years now. It meant he was interested in her, not me. Boys had been doing that forever, I mean why wouldn’t they, she is so pretty and outgoing.
“ She seems perfect for Niall” Harry said. Now that surprised me. He must be different from the guys I knew.
“ So, how did you get the tickets here?” he asked me.
“ Nickel bought them for me for my seventeenth birthday. It was so sweet of her. She also made me a delicious cake, and she made me an Ed Sheeran mix CD. She is such a sweetheart!” I told him.
“You like Ed Sheeran?” he asked me.
“ Yeah, his music isn’t like the typical pop songs, no offense, but it just appeals to me. His music is literally playing on my ipod 24/7.” I told him
“ Ed is a really good friend of mine! Maybe the next time I see you I’ll introduce you two.” He said.
“You would do that? That’s really generous! Thank you so so so so so so much!” I threw my arms around him and kissed him on the  cheek. Then I paused “Woops! Sorry, I got a little carried away there..” I said.
“ It’s fine” he said. His cheeks got flushed and he smiled really widely. It was really cute.
“ Wait you said ‘the next time I see you’, what does that mean?” I questioned.
“Well I do plan on calling you.” He told me. This time I was the one blushing. I started to giggle a bit.
“ Emmy come on we have to go.” Nickel told me.
“All right!” I answered, “ well I’ll maybe see you later!” I said to Harry.
I walked away and when I got to the door and blew a kiss as a joke. I looked back and saw all the boys punching and hugging Harry, then I heard…
“AWWW HARRY!!! You’ve found you’re girl!” Louis said
“ Well, we’ll see..” Harry said. That’s when the door closed and all sound was blocked.

Chapter 3-
I was sitting on my bed reading a cheesey book about romance, wishing I had some. Then a memory of me kissing Harry popped into my head. My head fell onto my pillow and I smiled and sighed.
Then I heard my phone ring. It was an unknown number. I picked it up.
“Hello?” I said.
“ Hello, is this Emmy?” a british accent came through the phone.
“Uh, yes. Who is this?” I asked.
“It’s Harry..I decided to come visit you is that okay?” he asked.
“Yeah of course,” I said, “ could you hold on a minute?” I asked.
“ Yeah sure..” Harry said, he sounded disappointed.
I ran to Nickel’s room and woke her up.
“Nickel, Nickel! Harry is on the phone!” I yelled in her ear.
“ Who’s Harry?” she asked sleepily.
“ Harry Styles! He wants to come visit!” I told her.
She jerked out of bed her hair crazy.
            “Are you sure it’s not a prank?” she asked.
            “Well would you like to go talk to him and find out?” I asked her.
            “NO! That’s okay.” She said. We started squeeling and jumping around.
            “Wait..isn’t Harry still on the phone?” Nickel asked.
            “Shoot, yeah!!!!” I nervously said.
I ran back to my room and took a deep breath.
            “ Hello?” I asked hoping he was still there.
            “ Yeah I’m still here. Tell Nickel that she squeels really loudly and that Niall wants to see her too.” He said.
That meant that Harry had heard us freaking out.
“Well, that’s embarrassing. Yeah I’ll tell her” I spat out.
“ HAHAHA It’s fine..i kind of need you address though..you know so I can see you.” He said
“Oh yeah. Uhm here its 219 Skyline Drive In Lake Geneva.” I told him.
“okay thanks see you soon.” He told me.
I heard the doorbell ring. I skipped the stairs, and blew the door open. It was my friend Jessika.
“I heard the big news!” she practically yelled.
“What big news?” I asked.
“That Harry is coming over here!” she exclaimed.
            “ NICKEL!!!!” I yelled. I couldn’t believe she had done that!
            “ NO! It wasn’t Nickel, Harry posted it on twitter. He said ‘Going up to LG to see Emelyn’! Oh my gosh how could you not have told me!!!!!” Jessika questioned.
            “Well I didn’t know he was coming up until literally 3 minutes ago. I just got off the phone with him!” I answered.
            “Oh, well that’s different.” She said.
We got ready and we both decided on these-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50738530 I straightened my hair and put in my diamond studs.
“My eyes look so weird, I mean one blue and one green?” I said.
“ Hey obviously he thinks you’re pretty otherwise he wouldn’t bother to drive up here, right?” Jessika asked.
“ Yeah I guess, do you think he really likes me?” I asked.
“Maybe, but if he does you better remember that you are one of the luckiest girls in the world.” She informed.
“Yeah I know.” I was so nervous. What if he didn’t really like me, it was just all in my head? Well that would suck, but I would move on. The door slammed open-
“ Does this look cute?” Nickel nervously asked. (  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50739092 )
“Yes! You look so pretty!” I told her.
“Thanks, I hope so..” she said.
I heard the doorbell ring. I took a deep breath and slowly walked down the stairs. I didn’t want to freak out because then my face would get flushed, even though I’m pretty pretty sure it already was. I opened the door.
“HEY!” I got tackled in a hug before I could even say hi.
“Hey! I’m so glad you could make it!” I told him.
“I’m glad I came!” he said back.
“ So, would you like a tour?” I asked.
“Of course!” he said.
I showed him around the house, and showed him the guest bedroom( just in case he didn’t have a place to stay). The rest of the boys showed up.
            “Oh, you’re all staying?”  I questioned.
            “Yeah, I hope that’s okay?” he said.
            “Uh, yeah I guess. But you guys would have to split the guest and my sisters room.” I told him.
            “Yeah sure, that’s very generous!” Liam said.
            “ Okay well I’ll go have my sister move her stuff.” I left the room. I was a little uncomfortable with all of them staying, but how many people get the chance to have 5 really attractive boys in their house? Not many, so why not?
            “Emmy? I’m really sorry for not telling you about all of us staying, I should have told you.” He said sorrily.
            “Yeah you should have but it’s totally okay, really.” I informed.
Niall ran up to me.
            “ I’ll tell Nicolette!” he rushed.
            “ Uhm, I’m sure she’ll love that!” I told him as he ran up the stairs.
            “Hey I need to go to the store to get enough food to feed 7 Nialls,” I laughed.
            “You guys eat as much as we do?” he asked
            “Well  I don’t but I have a feeling my friend will be staying with us too.” I told him.
            “ Is your friend as pretty as you?” Harry stared into my eyes.
            “Maybe, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.” I told him.
He leaned in for a kiss but I turned my face and our cheeks brushed. I could feel my face heating up.
            “ Uhm, I’m going to go to the grocery store, would you want to come with? We would have to ride the tandom though, because my parents took the car down to Chicago for the weekend.” I informed him.
            “ I would love to.” He answered.
We rode the bike into town. When we got to the grocery store there was a box of kittens outside waiting for someone to adopt them. But, there wasn’t a sign for how much they were.
            “Hey, I’ll be inside in a few minutes. Could you pick out some whatever?”  I asked Harry.
            “ Yeah sure.” He told me.
I picked up a kitten. There was a pet store next door so I bought a collar and a few toys and a bed for it. I decided to name it Darcy.
            He came out of the store with a ton of bags.
            “Do you want some help?” I asked him.
            “No I’ll just put them in the basket,” he told me, “ What are you holding?” He asked me.
            “Darcy. Isn’t she cute?” I asked him.
            “ Are you doing this on purpose?” He said.
            “What are you talking about?” I asked.
            “That cat, I love cats! You named her Darcy, that’s what I want my daughter’s name to be.” He said surprised.
            “Well, I knew about the cat thing, but you like the name Darcy too?” I said excitedly.
            “Yeah…that’s so weird!” he said.
            “I guess this means we’ll have to share her.” I said.
            “I guess it does.” He said back.
We talked all the way home. It surprised me how much we had in common. Our favorite color was pink, we both loved cats, our favorite food was tacos, and we love to cuddle and sleep! This obviously was a sign that we were meant for each other.
            When we got home we made tacos for dinner, of course mine was vegetarian. Niall had six, harry had four, and everyone else had two. After dinner we watched Mean Girls and then we all went to bed.  I had a dream that I had slept for three days and Harry had made a fort in my room just for the both of us.
I woke up to someone jumping on my bed.
            “ IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!!” someone yelled in my ear. My eyes were blurry so I rubbed them and threw on my glasses. It was Liam and Harry. My hair had to have looked terrible, and I think I had drool on the side og my face.
            “ Oh MY GAWD it’s 10:30! I should have woken up an hour ago!” I jerked out of bed and threw on these- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50758470 My hair was up in a messy bun and my curls spilled out of the hairband. My white headband was slipping to the back of my head while I ran downstairs. When I got into the kitchen I looked at the table and there were eggs, French toast, orange juice, tofu bacon, and fresh fruit. I knew that Nicolette couldn’t have done it, and Jessika was still asleep. I didn’t know how she was asleep through the boys screaming in my room.
            “ Who made all this?” I asked Liam.
            “ Hazza did, he’s a really good cook.” Liam informed me.
            I couldn’t find Harry in the kitchen, or in the dining room. I sat down to eat my breakfast and when I went to put my plate in the dishwasher there was a note underneath my plate. It said “ I hoped you liked breakfast, now if you want to find me walk down to the boathouse.” So that’s what I did. I still had my slippers on so I had to be careful not to step in dirt or mud, since it had rained the night before.
            “Good morning gorgeous.” I heard coming from the boat.         
            “ Good morning Harry.” I answered. I got onto the boat and Harry walked up the stairs from the bottom deck.
            “How did you like breakfast?” Harry asked me.
            “It was amazing, really good. The tofu bacon was a special touch too!” I said. It was so sweet of him to keep that in mind. Nobody, not even my family remembered that.
            “  Thanks, I remembered you were a meat hater.” He said.
            “Not meat hater, animal lover.” I corrected. I started the engine.
            “Oh ,well that makes it different doesn’t it?” he asked.
            “ It definitely does if you ask me.” I said.
I pulled the boat out of the dock and we started heading around the lake.
            “ Can I drive the boat?” Harry asked.
            “Do you know how?” I asked cautiously.
            “No not really but you could help me.” He said.
            “In the movies this would be the opposite way, but I suppose so. Besides I like being different.” I said.
            I held my arms around his waist, and my neck on his shoulder. He smelled so good, a bit like a nice spring day mixed with the smell of clean laundry. His eyes looked really attractive too. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. The wind blew my hair into my face. This was the moment. He turned his head and our lips softly touched. Fireworks went off in my head. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He took his face away.
            “Whoa..” he said and looked into my eyes.
I repeated what he said.
Chapter 4-
I was sitting on my bed with Darcy. She was so cuddly and soft, I loved her. She put her face against my face and nudged me.
            “You’re so adorable!” I said to her. She purred as an answer as if to say ‘I know’.
There was a knock on the door.
            “Come in!” I answered.
            “ Hi, how are you?” Harry asked.
            “I’m fine, I guess a little nerve racked from earlier. That was my first kiss believe it or not.” I told him. Adam didn’t believe in kissing because he was a germaphobe. Yet, he decided to go to Africa. At least he was helping people who really needed help.
            “ Really? Was it good? Wait, don’t answer that.” He rambled.
            “ Yeah, it was. Do you think it was good?” I asked nervously.
            “Yeah, actually I’ve never felt this way about a girl before. You’re special Emmy. You’re so beautiful, and you’re really sweet and funny, and you’re inspirational.” He told me.
He was wrong. I have never felt this way about anyone before. He was the special one. He was so amazing in ways no one could ever understand and if anyone had ever been even a little bit rude to him I wouldn’t even understand.
Darcy hopped into his lap as he slowly sat on my bed. We stared into each others eyes. It was so breathtaking, it wasn’t even a metaphor. I literally think I stopped breathing. I smiled  and he smiled back.
            “ Will you be my special girl?” he asked.
            “ I would be honored.” I answered.
I wrapped my arms around him and took a deep breath. I couldn’t even believe this was happening.  I was really going to be dating Harry Styles? This was almost every girls dream and it was happening to me.
Chapter 5- (6 years later)
We were sitting in our apartment watching a romantic chick flick. It was my birthday again so I got to pick the movie. I checked my phone, it was a tweet from some random girl who was so in love with Harry that she hated me. She had been saying mean things about me for months now. I threw my phone onto the seat next to me and I cuddled up against Harry’s shoulder.
            “ Hate mail again?” Harry asked.
            “Yeah.. that girl Delilah again.” I mumbled.
We watched the movie and afterwards we made brownies. The way that Harry made them made me feel like I was cuddling up in the most comfortable blanket in the world. They were so delicious.
            “ Harry we have a photoshoot in about a half hour” I informed him.                “Yeah sure.” He said.
Darcy jumped up onto the table and had taken a lick of the batter. I put her down on the ground gently so that I didn’t drop her. She rubbed up against my leg then put her front paws on my shins. I picked her up and held her in my arms. She started to purr and she licked my ear.
            Thirty minutes later the brownies were done. I cut them up and took one out.        
            “Emmy there hot be careful!” Harry laughed.
            “I know.” I told him.
            “Wait don’t take that one, take this one!” he handed me a different one.
            “Why this one?” I asked.
            “Just take that one and don’t take a bite yet.” He told me. He ran to the stereo and a song that Bruno Mars had written a while back came on. I was pretty sure it was marry you. Harry started to sing it, and I sang along. When the chorus came along He told me to take a bite. I bit down on it and something hit my tooth.
            “OW! “ I yelled. I pulled the object out. It was a diamond ring.
            “Emelyn Marie Stewart, will you marry me?” he sang totally out of beat.
            “YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!” I jumped into his arms dropping both the brownie and the cat. I kissed him on his soft red lips.
Later when we went to the shoot Danielle, Eleanor, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Nickel( who were now dating) and Liam were all there. Harry and I walked through the door and I ran up the the girls and yelled, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!”, They all squeeled and hugged me jumping up and down.
            We took the picture and I was wearing this-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50762323
Harry was wearing this-
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My wedding dress-
Life is so beautiful! I can't even believe that people would risk theirs just so they can look cool smoking or doing drugs. Well, guess what? IT'S NOT COOL! It will only wreck your body and your life so what's the point. Enjoy life as it is without the drugs and the alcohol and the cigarettes! Life is to precious to give up for something that's not even cool. Besides cigarettes smell bad!!!!!!